When does Firestarter start?

Monday 22 July 2019 at midday

When does Firestarter finish?

Thursday 25 July 2019 5pm

Where is Firestarter?

Ardwhallan Outdoor Education Centre. See the map at the bottom of the page for directions.

Who can go?

Firestarter is for young people currently in secondary education. That roughly means 12-17 years old. The youngest attendees will have just completed year 7.

What does my child need to bring?

  • Something to lie on, a foam mat or mattress. This is really important, as it stops them losing body heat when sleeping.

  • Sleeping bag & tent

  • Wash kit & deodorant

  • Any medication they normally need – Please notify us if they carry any medication. If your child uses controlled drugs, it is the responsibility of the parent to administer these drugs. We cannot store controlled drugs on site for your child.

  • Money for the Café - £30 will comfortably last the week

  • A few changes of clothing

  • Anything else they want for the festival

  • Mosquito spray & sun tan lotion

Will my child be fed?

Yes. Three good meals a day are included in the price. They can buy extra snacks from the 24 hour cafe, and we also offer additional late night food at a small cost.

What is the price?

£75 per child with discounts for booking early and concessions made for large families. This includes all activities and three meals a day.

Will my child be safe?

Probably; this is an adventure style summercamp and there is always an element of risk. Every effort is made to keep your child safe. We have:

  • 24 hour security

  • Separate female and male camping areas.

  • First aiders

  • A very strict child protection policy. After 4pm on Monday, when the Festival starts, every adult who comes onto site must report to the office and will be escorted at all times when on site. This includes everyone from parents to the milkman.

  • Men are not allowed into the female camping area, unless a female leader accompanies them. This includes male leaders, fathers and even the Police.

  • If anybody under the age of 16 is found with a person of the opposite sex in their tent, both sets of parents will be contacted. This will result in the people involved being sent off site.

What about drugs & alcohol?

We do not allow drugs or alcohol on site. We reserve the right to search tents if we feel it is necessary. If we find any of these items, it may result in the person being removed from the site and, if necessary, the Police will be informed.

Do you have to be a Christian to go to Firestarter?

No. Anyone can go to Firestarter. Most of the team are Christians, but that doesn't make this a 'church camp'.


Firestarter has a Safeguarding policy that has been approved by Social Services, which you can view here. Firestarter has a comprehensive risk assessment for the event, which you can view here. Firestarter is registered with Data Protection and adheres to their guidelines.

What about special dietary requirements?

  • Vegetarian meals are available. Please let us know beforehand if your child is a vegetarian.

  • If your child has a nut allergy or any other food allergy, please contact us to discuss meals. It is the responsibility of your child to check anything they purchase from the Café or Burger Bar for traces of nuts etc.

  • Please let us know if your child has any other special needs that we may need to know.

  • You are free to inspect our menu, or our kitchen and we are happy to discuss any requirements you have.

What about special medical requirements?

  • If your child carries Adrenaline or Antihistamines, we will need your signed authority to administer these drugs if your child goes into anaphylactic shock.

  • Asthma – If your child has asthma, they must register when they come onto the site and let us know what type and colour of inhaler they use.

  • We keep a database of any medical or special needs your child has, and we will inform the first aider or doctor as necessary. Per our booking terms and conditions, you MUST inform us of any medical or behavioural issues your child has, diagnosed or suspected, in order that we can provide the appropriate level of care. Non-disclosure may lead to your child being sent home early.

  • Controlled drugs prescribed by a Doctor must be kept in the child's tent in a sealed lockable container, like a small cash tin.

Is there a telephone number I can use to contact my child during the festival?

The Site Manager - 451831. These numbers will be the direct contacts for the site manager during the Festival.

Who do I contact for further information before the festival?

Tommy Harrison
07624 451831
Firestarter Head Office, Kennaa Cottage, Kennaa Lane, St Johns, IM4 3LW

Who organises Firestarter?

Firestarter is organised by leaders and Christians from local churches in the Isle of Man. We are non-denominational and we are not tied to any one church. Firestarter is an approved ministry of the The Cathedral, Peel, Isle of Man.

How do I get there?

Here's a handy map: